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The 29th Annual Concert , May 5th 2012

We had a great concert! Here are the songs performed in the concert. Click on the links of the songs to listen online or feel free to download them(Rigth Click on the link of the song and select Save Target download the file) .

Hui Yi   (Remembrance,CCSR)

Fei Lai De Hu Ban (Flying Petals, CCSR)

Mu Yang Qu (A Shepherdess Song, CCSR)

Yuan Ye Mu Ge (The Shepherd's Ballad, CCSR)

Qiu Chan (A Cicada in Autumn, CCSR)

Dui Hua (A Flower Drum Song, CCSR)

Tong Yi Shou Ge (Our Song, CCSR)

Luo Sheng Zhi Ge (In Rochester We Sing, CCSR)

The Lord Bless You and Keep You (CCSR)

Chun Xiao (A Morning in Spring , CCSR)

Fang Qing Mu Ge (Pastoral on a Clear Day, Caleb Woo)

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind (Caleb Woo)

Wu Ge Fang Yang (Wu-Ge The Shepherd, Caleb Woo)

Sing a Song of Winter (Jefferson Road Elementary School)

Words of the West Wind (JRES)

A Perfect Winter Day (JRES)

Looking for Wintersweet in the Snow (JRES)

In Summer (Johnny Ng)

Longing For the Spring Breeze (Zhao Yingjian, Zhang Lingfeng)

A Horse Race (Zhao Yingjian, Zhang Lingfeng, David Chin)
Autumn Moon Over the Han Palaces (Zhao Yingjian)
Spring Night of Flowers and Moon (Kaihong Liu)


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