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Sichuan Earthquake Donation

On the afternoon of May 12, 2008, a 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan Province, a mountainous region in Western China, killing an estimated 68,000 people.

In support of the China earthquake relief efforts, CCSR decided to donate 100% of the gross proceeds of our 25th anniversary concert on May 17th, 2008, along with any extra freewill donations collected through the concert to the Red Cross Society of China. The outpouring of the community responses to our concert and the fund raising efforts was overwhelming. With the help of the Rochester community, CCSR raised a total of $7,033 through our 25th anniversary concert and the entire fund of $7,033 was mailed to Red Cross Society of China right after the concert. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to our fundraising event. Your generous support to the earthquake relief efforts as well as to CCSR is greatly appreciated!

Out of $7033, $3418 was the total gross proceeds of the concert donated by CCSR, $3615 was the total of the individual donations (in cash and checks) from the concert audience and CCSR members. You can view the two receipts to CCSR by clicking receipt 1 and receipt 2 below in the page. In addition, CCSR also received the receipts to the individual donors who donated with their personal check. CCSR already forwarded these receipts to the individual donors.

Earthquake Donation Receipt 1

Earthquake Donation Receipt 2

Along with the receipts, the Red Cross Society of China attached a general Thank You card with letters in both English and Chinese.

Earthquake Donation Appreciation Letter (English)

Earthquake Donation Appreciation Letter (Chinese)

The Chinese Choral Society of Rochester (CCSR) was established in 1982 and incorporated in October of 1986 as a non-profit educational organization. The purpose of the Society is to promote the appreciation of Chinese culture through chorus practices and concert performances in general public. The Society focuses mainly on Chinese repertoire to enrich our culture heritage and to generate culture exchanges within the greater Rochester community. Aside from annual concerts, CCSR had been invited to perform in Ottawa in 1985, Toronto and New York City in 1989. In recent years, CCSR has received Arts Grants from the Arts & Cultural Council of Greater. Additionally, CCSR has expanded its community involvement by inviting Mendon Center Elementary Choir and Fairport High School Polyphonic Choir for performing Chinese music in its annual concerts.



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